TA-65® for Skin

The science of youthful skin

Based on advances in the emerging field of Telomere Biology, TA-65® for Skin provides benefits at the cellular level. Under development for over 12 years, its exclusive patented formula is validated by multiple clinical research studies.

TA-65® for Skin improves complexion with the cumulative benefits of cellular nourishment, color balance and free radical detoxification. It provides cosmetic benefits in all layers of the skin. TA-65® for Skin is the first and only skin care product that contains the proprietary TA-65® compound.

TA-65® for Skin: Free Radical Eradication
TA-65® for Skin eradicates reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and supports physiologically balanced (and healthier) oxidation in the skin. Free radicals damage cellular components like DNA, proteins and lipids, resulting in the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Daily use of TA-65® for Skin can minimize or eliminate free radicals in the skin and help protect it from free radical damage.

TA-65® for Skin: Improves the Appearance of Ageing Skin
Overexposure to UV and visible light causes pre-clinical (not yet visible or noticeable) damage to the skin. Pre-clinical damage accounts for 90% of eventual age-associated cosmetic skin problems. The skin uses anti-oxidants to protect itself from pre-clinical damage. TA-65®, a plant based ingredient, greatly increases anti-oxidant reserves and thereby enhances the skin’s protection.

TA-65® for Skin enhances the appearance of ageing skin and helps reverse invisible damage under the skin. TA-65® for Skin also improves uneven pigmentation and blotchy complexion.

Available in two sizes:

TA-65® for Skin (1 fl. Oz) bottle:

  • Fragrance
  • Patented airless delivery system dispenses optimal dosage and preserves product

Ta-65® for skin (4 fl. Oz) tube:

  • No fragrance
  • Economical larger size

Both products:

  • Paraben free
  • For all skin types
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Patented technology
  • Gradual release formulation

TA-65® for Skin has been clinically shown to:

  • Reduce pre-clinical damage after 8 weeks
  • Reduce uneven pigmentation after 16 weeks
  • Increase collagen levels after 16 weeks
  • Reduce inflammation associated with premature aging of the skin after 16 weeks
  • Reduce degradation of elastin fibers (elastin improves skin firmness and elasticity)
  • Significantly improve skin firmness by 42% after 2 weeks, and 89% after 12 weeks
  • Significantly reduce Crow’s feet fine lines/wrinkles by 18% after 12 weeks
  • Reduce redness by 9% after 12 weeks

Clinical Studies

TA-65® for Skin Reduces the Appearance of Aging Effects by Increasing Firmness and Reducing Wrinkles and Redness (n=54)

Randomized study of 54 female subjects shows that application of TA-65®for Skin for 12 weeks improved skin firmness and the appearance of redness and wrinkles.


  • Significantly improved skin firmness by 42% after two weeks, and 89% after 12 weeks
  • Significantly reduced Crow’s feet fine lines / wrinkles by 18% after 12 weeks
  • Reduced skin redness by 9% after 12 weeks


  • No irritation was observed during the entire test period
  • 89% of the subjects strongly agreed that TA-65® for Skin made their skin appear healthier and younger.
  • 78% of the subjects said they would purchase and recommend the product to a friend.
Demonstrated Improvement of Prematurely Aged Skin with TA-65® for Skin (n=35)

Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study of 35 subjects with prematurely aged skin shows that TA-65® for Skin reduces pre-clinical damage and uneven pigmentation. The efficacy of the tested products was objectively analyzed before and after four, eight and sixteen weeks’ of use.


  • Significantly reduced the average score of preclinical damage in 8 weeks
  • Significantly reduced the average score of uneven pigmentation after 8 weeks and further reduced them after 16 weeks
  • Reduced inflammation associated with premature aging of the skin after 16 weeks
  • Increased collagen after 16 weeks
  • Maintained integrity of skin by protecting elastin

TA-65® for Skin was clinically proven to be safe with no signs of acanthosis, spongiosis, chronic inflammation, hyperkeratosis, epidermal mononuclear infiltration or dermal edema following biopsy examination.